Christopher Louis Dostal + Nedra Lynn Terry (Dostal)

4 children

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Religious marriage July 11, 1992 Husband: 27 Wife: 22
Address: Tennwood Country Club
Source: S03270
Publication: Research and Entry by Marian Fitzgerald Parent. Contributor of older generation Hammond/s Family by Norma Hammonds. In reference to Van Meter by many sources, namely Henry Howe's Historical Collections of the Great West(Cincinnati:1851)has much to tell us about American frontier life of the late 1700s. Apart from some brief introductory remarks, the article was re-printed by Howe from "Notes on the Settlement and Indian Wars of the Western Parts of Virginia and Pennsylvania, from the years 1763 until the year 1783, inclusive; together with a View of the State of Society and manners of the first Settlers of the Western County," by the Rev. Dr. Joseph Doddridge, Wellsburgh, Va., 1824
Nedra and Chris had a beautiful outdoor wedding under the trees with a lake curled around the grounds. Ducks, Peacocks and deer embellished the area. Their reception was held inside the club with a DJ and wonderful food and music. The couple set out for their honeymoon in a limo to the hotel and off the Cancun for a week.
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