Miss Lizzy

Elizabeth Rose DostalAge: 14 years2004

Elizabeth Rose Dostal
Given names
Elizabeth Rose
Birth August 29, 2004 39 34

Adoption: Adopted by both parents
Birth of a brotherBrady Collin Dostal
March 17, 2006 (Age 18 months)
AddressBaker Street Needville, Ft. Bend, Texas, USAyes

Family with adoptive parents - View this family
Marriage: July 11, 1992Hockley, Texas, USA
23 months
elder sister
7 years
elder sister
4 years
19 months
younger brother

Note from Nana/Marian Fitzgerald Parent - Adopted Grand Mother Elizabeth came to the home of Chris and Nedra on December 6, 2008. She was not at all a shy little girl, but somewhat overbearing in personality, wanting attention when she could get it. She was very loving, very much in need of love. Chris and Nedra gave she and her brother as much love as they possibly give to them. It was not always easy for them all including the other two children in the family, Lainey and Samantha. They worked hard to make it work. To date, August 14, 2009, they are still working on their relationship, still trying to love and care and all things considered, it's all working to date, October, 2009 Adoption became final. All is better. Looking good.
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