Brady Collin DostalAge: 12 years2006

Brady Collin Dostal
Given names
Brady Collin
Birth March 17, 2006 41 35

Adoption: Adopted by both parents
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Marriage: July 11, 1992Hockley, Texas, USA
23 months
elder sister
7 years
elder sister
4 years
elder sister
19 months

From Nana/Marian Fitzgerald Parent - Adopted Grand Mother 8/2009 Brady came to the Dostal home December 6, 2008 with his sister, Elizabeth to live and to be raised by his new loving family, Nedra and Chris. Brady is a sweet loving little boy with an "Attitude" (says all), but is a true joy to be around. He too is a loving little child looking for love and sometimes gets it by his attitude instead of from doing the right thing. It will take time for him and his sister to come to realize that his new family loves him a great deal. Brady and Elizabeth are not yet legally adopted, but soon, they will become official. Love to you Brady
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