Samuel Vinson Cumby, 1934 (age 87 years)

Samuel Vinson /Cumby/
Given names
Samuel Vinson
Source: S03270

Date of Import: May 20, 2001

Birth April 3, 1934 38 30
Death of a paternal grandfatherVinson Franklin Cumby
October 22, 1948 (aged 14 years)
Note: Cause of death: Nephritis and arterio-scleros
Burial of a paternal grandfatherVinson Franklin Cumby
October 24, 1948 (aged 14 years)
Cemetery: Dyess Cemetery
Death of a maternal grandmotherMary Adeline Bynum (Womble)
May 13, 1949 (aged 15 years)
Burial of a maternal grandmotherMary Adeline Bynum (Womble)
May 16, 1949 (aged 15 years)
Cemetery: Dyess Cemetery
U. S. Navy. Second Class, Welder
1952 (aged 17 years)

Note: USS Wisconsin, USS Missouri, USS Montrail, USS Hector
MarriageGlynda Ann Fitzgerald (Cumby)View this family
December 10, 1952 (aged 18 years)
B.S. Degree, Texas Tech College,
1956 (aged 21 years)
Birth of a sonSteven Vinson Cumby
March 31, 1956 (aged 21 years)
Source: S03270

Date of Import: May 20, 2001

Note: Born in San Diego Naval Hospital.
Birth of a daughterDana DeAnn Cumby (Sisco)
May 9, 1957 (aged 23 years)
1959 (aged 24 years)
Graduate Hours between 1964 and 1966 (aged 31 years)
Note: San Diego State College and Pacific Union College
Graduate Hours
between 1968 and 1969 (aged 34 years)
Note: Study of Art.
Death of a fatherIra Hershel Cumby
March 25, 1968 (aged 33 years)
1971 (aged 36 years)
Wine Taster
1973 (aged 38 years)
1981 (aged 46 years)
Employer: Texas Prison System
Birth of a granddaughterCristin Nicole Cumby (Ray)
August 14, 1981 (aged 47 years)
Death of a sisterMargaret Genice Cumby (Voight)
February 19, 1983 (aged 48 years)
Death of a motherLucille Womble (Cumby)
August 12, 1990 (aged 56 years)
Death of a sisterJaney Lee Cumby (Venglar)
October 31, 2012 (aged 78 years)
Family Relationship

Note: Husband of Glynda Fitzgerald Cumby
Burial of a motherLucille Womble (Cumby)

Family with parents
Ira Hershel Cumby
Birth: October 18, 1895 36 35Seaton, Bell County, Texas, USA
Death: March 25, 1968Houston, Harris County, Texas, USA
Birth: September 19, 1903 40 32Rogers, Bell, Texas, USA
Death: August 12, 1990Freeport. Brazoria, Texas, USA
Marriage MarriageMarch 12, 1921Bell County, Texas, USA
1 year
elder sister
Margaret Genice Cumby
Birth: February 25, 1922 26 18Rogers, Bell, Texas, USA
Death: February 19, 1983Freeport. Brazoria, Texas, USA
4 years
elder sister
Birth: October 18, 1925 30 22Rogers, Bell, Texas, USA
Death: October 31, 2012Lake Jackson, Brazoria, Texas, USA
4 years
elder sister
Sue and her brother, Sam Cumby
Birth: October 27, 1929 34 26Austin, Travis, Texas, USA
5 years
Birth: April 3, 1934 38 30Austin, Travis County, Texas, USA
Family with Glynda Ann Fitzgerald (Cumby)
Birth: April 3, 1934 38 30Austin, Travis County, Texas, USA
Glynda - 70th Birthday
Birth: January 26, 1936 28 19Houston, Harris, Texas, USA
Marriage MarriageDecember 10, 1952Bay City, Matagorda, Texas, USA
3 years
Steven Vinson Cumby
Birth: March 31, 1956 21 20San Diego, San Diego, California, USA
13 months
Birth: May 9, 1957 23 21Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas, USA

Date of Import: May 20, 2001


USS Wisconsin, USS Missouri, USS Montrail, USS Hector

Graduate Hours

San Diego State College and Pacific Union College


Study of Art.

Family Relationship

Husband of Glynda Fitzgerald Cumby


Samuel Vinson Cumby Written by his wife, Glynda Cumby May 4, 2007

How do you write about the man with whom you fell in love when you were sixteen years old and whom you still love today, fifty-five years later. He has been many things in my life. He has been many people in my life. We have grown up through many stages in our lives. Our years have been adventuresome, fun, tough, good, and bad. Our marriage has survived because we always loved each other. Some years we didn't like each other too much, but we have always loved each other and our marriage has survived. It has done more than survive--it has thrived.

So who is this man? Very good looking--even today when he is 73 years old. Intelligent. Affectionate. Lover. Husband. Father. Grandfather. Great teacher of math and science. Welder, artist, wine taster, beer drinker, bar lover, house builder, avid reader. Good dancer. And because we owned property, plummer, painter, repairman, and roofer. My leader. My partner. My caregiver. My love.

Sam was born in Austin, Texas on April 3, 1934. His mother, Lucille Womble Cumby, picked a 100 pound bag of cotton the day before he was born. Because he had three sisters older than he, ( Margaret was 12 years old, Janey was 8 years old and Sue was 4 years old when he was born) and because he was the baby of the family--and the only boy-- he has obviously always been very special. Certainly he has been well loved by the Cumby women--including me. And, of course, by his father, Ira Hershal Cumby.

Because times were rough during the depression years when he was born, Sam lived in many places when he was little. When he was very young, his parents ran a series of "joints"--bars, night clubs, honkey tonks. A few places Sam remembers were The Hi-Ho Inn, Cille's Tavern and The Blue Goose (all in the Austin area) and Ford's Tavern and Resturant in Oil City, Louisiana. The family often lived above or behind the places. This was a lot of fun for a little boy. The morning that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Sam was sitting on a barstool at the Hi-Ho Inn, listening to the radio.

Sam started to school in Fiskville, Texas. He also went to school in Pfulggerville, Texas, Oil City, Louisiana, and Round Rock, Texas. After WWII began, the family moved to the Texas coast and Sam's dad went to work as a painter for Dow Chemical Company. Sam attended Velasco Junior High and Brazosport High School. The summer after he graduated, he worked for Dow Chemical Company.

In the meantime, I had come into Sam's life. When he was a senior in high school and I was a sophomore, we had a typing class together. I remember that on the third day of class, I watched him walk in the door and thought, "Wow! He is good-looking!" I made it a point of "talking" to him and soon we were dating.

AT the end of the summer of 1952, Sam joined the U.S. Navy. His Dad told him he wasn't going to like it. He didn't. Sam became a welder and served his four years on the battleships USS Wisconsin and USS Missouri. He was also aboard the repairship USS Montrail and finished up his four years aboard the the troop carrier, the USS Hector.

In the meantime, Sam and I had been married. On Sam's first leave home, we eloped to Bay City, Texas. We were married on a Tuesday, December 10, 1952. (I had told Sam I couldn't get married on Monday because I had a biology exam!!) I was a month short of being 17 years old (but lied and said I was 18) and Sam was 18 years old. Sam's mother and father went with us.

Those Navy years were difficult and separations were painful. Good-bys were beyond pain. Everytime Sam came home on leave, Sam's Mom and I found an apartment and we moved all our belongings in and set up housekeeping. For however long the leave was, Sam and I had a "home"--even if it was only for a week. Then he would leave and Mamo and I would pack everything back up and store it away until the next leave. Time between leaves moved slowly. I finished high school and worked at Dow Chemical Company for a year. And finally--finally--after three years of separations, Sam came to Texas to get me and we moved to California. Finally we were able to begin to live our lives together.

Nine months after Sam moved me to California, on March 31, 1956, Steven Vinson Cumby was born in the Naval Hospital in San Diego. Our son. Sam's ship was about to go to Japan. Sam thought he was going to be discharged early. He had applied to Texas Tech College in Lubbock, Texas and had been accepted. Suddenly the Navy decided Sam had to sail with the ship.